About us ?

Lønka Game is part of a wider Open Source project called Lønka Lonka. To understand where Lønka Game comes from, you need to retrace the steps of Lønka Lonka.

Just friends who do what they like

In 2010, two friends who moved to the warm city of Madrid to study architecture had an idea : what about sharing common passions rather than just standing there alone ? So they decided to join forces under the mysterious name Lønka Lonka…

Why mysterious ? Because even they don’t know why they called it that way…

As soon as it started, ideas were popping up and pretty quickly all kinds of Lønka Lonka projects were born. Drawing, painting, frescos, sculpture, photography and even an architecture workshop. As years went by, their work evolved. Gradually, wood became their favorite material. Original furniture as well as movie sets were built.

THE Lønka Board

Then they all got this idea. They realized that after work meetings, they often enjoyed a drink and a good board game. As their meetings turned regular, so did their testing of new games. From Risk and The Settlers of Catan to 7 Wonders and Evo, they explored the wonderful world of board games… Until one summer night, back in 2013, as they were stumbling back home, four Lønka Lonka members found a majestic wood table left to die in the streets.  That was a turning point.

They carried the table back home, sat around it and all together started drawing a world map on it. This map, cousin of the one from Risk, was handmade carved for 40 days and 40 nights. After all the hard work, they had a beautiful table to eat, laugh and play at Risk.

This first experience comforts them in their choice : they should do more games. New tables were made using new material and various methods. To this day, tables have never and will never stop being created.

Lust for more

Pretty soon, creating tables wasn’t enough for their ravenous appetite. They wanted more ! They had the idea of creating new versions of their favorite games. They tested their ideas : from the most crazy ones to the most realistic ones, from the adding of nuclear weapon in Risk to the invention of a new raw material card in Catan.

Something was missing… They were having fun with already existing games but they wanted to create their own board game. And believe it or not, that’s exactly what they did ! After over a year of trials, wrong turns and readjustments, a first version of Guerre&Pognon was born. First they introduced it to friends, then to others on special occasions like the car-free day or the Brussels Games Festival. All these encounters have enriched Guerre&Pognon. It was born thanks to all these people.

A collaborative workspace

But something was still missing ! Somewhere they could gather everyone who would like to share their love for games and would wish to improve or create games.

That is why Lonka Games exists.

What is the LonkaGame project ?

As in many other fields, the creation of board games is often based on a pyramidal organization. The decisions are made by one person, one group of people or one company, and only passively do players take part in the creation through studies and surveys.

With Lonka Game and with your participation, we would like to test and develop a real network.

We want to create a website that enables creators and players to connect and exchange. We wish to set the space and the tools for a community to create and offer new original games. These Open Source games can be downloaded for free and can’t be found on the market. The aim here is to break the rigid rules of game creation and give a new lease of life to board games.

Classic organization in production : the pyramidal structure.

 A closed organization where one creates for the whole.

Lonka Game project : a flat structure as an open network

an open organization where everybody can create for the whole.

Of course, Lonka Game is still in progress. We are loaded with ideas that we wish to incorporate into the website to improve it. We’ll talk about it in the section News, so stay in touch ! In the meantime, your feedback is more than welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to give us your opinion about the website or if you’d like to join us in this adventure. The more we are, the stronger we’ll get.

How does Lonka Game work ?

Since creating board games is a long and tedious task in practice, we provide several tools to help you out and will soon provide even more ! The first two tools are the sections Forum and Games that are kindly explained to you right below.

The Forum is a space that we made for you to share and discuss your ideas. If you wish to give your opinion about a Lonka game, share your experience or suggest a new rule, the Forum B is waiting for you ! It is also a meeting place : we organize events so that we can meet you in real life, but feel free to organize one yourself.

If your mind are popping with ideas and you have a strong desire to create a new game, start a discussion in the section Forum A. It’s that simple ! There you will set out your idea, your first draft of rules, boards, cards, dice or any other object you put in your game. And most of all, you will try to involve other members of the community. Watch the presentation, stay open to constructive criticism and don’t give up. At the end of the road, you might have revolutionized the game world, who knows ?

Once you consider your game all ready, send it to us ! To send us your game, click on Add My Game in the sections Games and Forum. There you will find a form in which you will give all the information about your game. Don’t freak out, the reason why we need all this information is to beautifully and subtly present your f###ing awesome new game !

This is where magic happens ! Once you’ve sent us your game and we’ve been introduced, it will be displayed in the Game section. Congratulations ! People who are interested in your game can now download it and play.

For a concrete example, have a look at Guerre&Pognon !

But that’s not it. You’ve made a game so that people can play it, right ? So help us spread : share your game on social networks, talk about it to people, invite friends or even strangers over to test it. Once the game is published online, a topic is created ont the Forum. A tab is added to your game form to facilitate the link between your game and the Forum. Members of Lonka Game will then be able to give their opinion, share their ideas, suggest new rules and so on.

You’re all set, now show us what you’ve got !

Who can join ?


Everybody !

Whether you wish to revolutionize the world by creating THE perfect board game or you are looking for a diffrent and original kind of board game, Lonka Game is the website for you. Share your creations in real life and on the web : the more, the better… and the better the games are.

 How much does it cost ?

It’s free !

Of course it’s free, otherwise it wouldn’t be Open Source ! If you want to support us, several options  are available.

  • Be part of the Lonka adventure ! Express yourself, give us your opinion about games in progress on the Forum or games already available in the section Games.
  • Suggest your own ideas in the section Forum and send us your games by clicking on Add my game.
  • Help us make known the site by spreading the word throughout the world. LønkaGame, the Messiah of games !
  • Help us improve the site by sharing your feedback or by join us in the encoding of our ideas. We need you for Lonka Game !
  • Check Lonka Board, where our handmade tables are displayed for sell. If you don’t find the table of your dreams, please contact us and order it. We always welcome great ideas !